Artistry through lighting is what our most recent installation is all about!

Attraction Lights 4x4 Circle Cross Series.

Attraction Lights 4×4 Circle Cross Series.

In our previous post, “Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte and Attraction Lights are the artistic union of light and shadow, where form enhances function“, we discussed the way one of our newest decorative lighting mediums, Attraction Lights, draws the eye to the  artistry of the fixture and the haunting shadows these lights cast. This week, our focus is a recent outdoor lighting installation which showcases the beauty and benefit of these decorative lights when used alongside our traditional fixtures. 

In this video clip, Larry Spada, who is the creative director and brand strategist with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Richmond, VA, and resident of Charlotte NC, discusses the details of his “in progress” outdoor lighting installation at his charming home.

This installation entails replacement of his existing fixtures with two(2) decorative Attraction lights at well-appointed locations to enhance the front of the property. The project also includes the installation of three (3) Boca lights to aid in illuminating the planted areas around the front perimeter of the home and along the driveway to enliven a beautiful, mature crepe myrtle tree!

Attraction Lights’ LED illuminated sculptural fixtures become focal points when used in conjunction with traditional Outdoor Lighting Perspectives fixtures and together they add distinctive new dimensions within your landscape and garden. This artistic lighting exhilarates the senses and evokes ambiance. Stay tuned for a look at the completed installation taking place at this charming Charlotte residence….

Ken Brantly, Owner Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte

Ken Brantly, Owner Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte.

If you are ready to experience the captivating allure that outdoor lighting can add to your home or business, contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte today to learn more about our one-of-a-kind outdoor lighting designs and these artistic assets. You can reach us at 704-849-8808 or email us at

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