Bring your Charlotte Home and Property into its Best Light in 2016 with the Benefits of Outdoor Lighting

Bring your Charlotte Home and Property into its Best Light in 2016 with the Benefits of Outdoor Lighting

Bring your Charlotte Home and Property into its Best Light in 2016 with the Benefits of Outdoor Lighting!

2016 is here and it’s time to finally stop ignoring your outdoor landscape lighting! Incorporating a well-designed illumination plan to your home and yard is equally as imperative as all those other New Year’s resolutions you’ve made like reducing your waistline a few inches, starting an exercise regime and updating the bathroom. There is no better time to get a nifty new outdoor lighting system put in, or add to an existing one you already have.

Charlotte entryway lighting (2)If you’ve overlooked brightening those gloomier reaches of your property for several years, it’s now time to enhance your current system to give you increased light so that you have a practical lighting scape throughout all of your property. The benefit is that it will improve the security level of your house by brightening the parts of your property for the bad guys who are looking for an easy place to hide while they break into your home. Good lighting prevents thieves from coming to your property and keeps them moving on to an easier target.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives ~ Wing Haven GardenIf your current fixtures are shabby, worn looking or old school halogens that are power-hungry, you can select brand new ones for a whole new look or we can convert your current ones to energy-efficient LED’s. Don’t wait until spring to get a new system, contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte now, so that when warmer days are here, you will be ready for outdoor entertaining and fun on your deck or patio. We will help you bring in enough light so that you can easily cook a meal at the grill, enjoy a late night dinner or kick the soccer ball with the kids on the lawn after dusk. Don’t waste time waiting to get on our busy calendar later, because right now is the best time to get the task done when your trees, flowers and shrubs are in a dormant stage and will receive little disturbance.

Beam spreads on this Charlotte home accentuate the homes facade

Augmenting your outdoor lighting is a New Year’s resolution that is easy to keep because it increases the value to your home and property in countless ways. The façade of your home gets a boost in evening curb appeal, plus it adds a level of safety so your family and friends can easily navigate their car onto your driveway or walk to your door because everything is easy to see.  Every system we install comes with a timer that makes sure your lighting system goes on and off every night with no issue. The benefits that outdoor landscape lighting adds to your property and lifestyle are numerous, so don’t miss out on the benefits.

Check for damages to wiring, fixtures and bulbs, and call an outdoor lighting expert to make repairs.

With the help of one of our skilled lighting designers, this is one New Year’s resolution you will easily keep. It doesn’t involve much fuss or household disruption like other big home improvement projects. You won’t have to live in a hotel, intrude on a family member for a month or deal with any construction chaos to get a big bang your buck. It also won’t cost you a ton of dough either, as we are more than happy to work within your budget and can add fixtures and layers of light in as your finances allow. Don’t overlook the splendor and lifestyle improvements that can be added to your lifestyle with an efficient and striking lighting display.

Ken Brantly, Owner Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte

Ken Brantly, Owner Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte.

Give us a call now to bring your Charlotte home and landscape into the best light this New Year.  Contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte at (704) 849-8808 or via email at


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