Draw light to your Charlotte Subdivision Entrance and Community Features in Grand Style

Neighborhood entry lightingAdding a sparkle of evening light to your neighborhood entrance, gates, columns, signage and illuminating the surrounding landscaping heralds a grand expectation for visitors who will know they are entering a special place. You increase the level of sophistication and grace to your community entryway by adding custom outdoor lighting that benefits your neighborhood in many ways and increases the value of all the homes within it by adding a mega dose of curb appeal.

Good outdoor lighting has a heap of benefits besides looking fabulous—right away you assure that homeowners and guests can find the entrance to your neighborhood easily. It also encourages the community to walk and take in the evening air and socialize with one another creating a true neighborhood feel.

Subdivision entry lighting

We know that if a subdivision entryway and common areas are well illuminated, criminals and burglars tend to keep away and move elsewhere to do their dirty work. You and your family are safer when your common areas, primary walkways and homes are well-lit so that you are protected by would-be criminals that may be lurking in the dark. Timers ensure your outdoor lighting system goes on and off without a hitch so that homeowners feel safe and secure if they are at home, taking an evening walk with the family dog or chatting with neighbors on the corner. You also prevent potential slips and falls that can happen when visibility is poor, too. Additionally, the fire and police department can also be sure to know precisely where your subdivision is thanks to clear visibility at night that eliminates driving around searching in the dark for the address. When time is of the essence in an emergency, you don’t want to waste valuable minutes if your home can’t be found easily.

Charlotte and South Charlotte entrance lighting

We can ensure your subdivision entry looks as grand by night as it does by day!

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte has partnered with many homeowners association groups (HOA’s) to design turnkey outdoor lighting plans that fit any budget and meet architectural specifications as well.  When we team up with an HOA, we can also maintain the system to replace burnt out bulbs, provide general repairs, re-bury wires that have surfaced check for damage, identify electrical connection problems and replace fixtures that may have been damaged due to car related mishaps. We can provide references from subdivision home owners associations where we’ve upgraded outdated existing systems by replacing them with eco-friendly LED’s bulbs that can curb the bills due to their power saving efficiency, too.

We can add quality lighting to your neighborhood entry, common areas and even the clubhouse!

We can add quality lighting to your neighborhood entry, common areas and even the clubhouse!

We can even add a touch of night time grandeur to you neighborhood clubhouse that will make potential buyers looking in your neighborhood go WOW! When they pass it, they will be eager to move into the neighborhood without a doubt. Since clubhouses and pool pavilions are a real draw for the community and can be busy with night events, we can make these structures a standout in the landscape that will give them a majestic flair that’s meant to impress.

Let Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte build an incredible evening scene that has an elegant theatrical look that sticks to the HOA budget.  We can make any feature within your neighborhood pop in the landscape in a timeless and dynamic way that will certainly leave a lasting impression and add tons of value for all the homeowners.

Ken Brantly, Owner Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte

Ken Brantly, Owner Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte.

Give Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte  a call today to learn more about what we can do for your neighborhood entrance and shared, common areas at (704) 849-8808 or via email at charlotte.outdoorlights.com.