The Hottest Trends in Charlotte Outdoor Lighting

Deck lighting adds enjoyment to your Charlotte deckOutdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte keeps up with the latest landscape trends. We work closely with some of the area’s top landscape designers and have an edge over the competition in knowing what Charlotte homeowner’s are asking for in their landscapes. It’s also always a safe bet that an element that is receiving attention through the web, home improvement TV or in the home and garden magazines will soon be on our clients’ list of “must haves.” With this in mind, this season we are noticing more of an emphasis on outdoor entertaining and making the most out of time spent outside. This comes as no surprise as people want to savor their down time in today’s fast‑paced world.

We are seeing a push as homeowner’s“building out” outdoor areas within their landscape such as patios, decks and pool. Concentrating on improving these areas enable more frequent and longer enjoyment and we are also seeing these areas as top priorities for adding illumination. 

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte can illuminate your patio at night

The elements that make an outdoor space more inviting and comfortable are often a reflection of the creature comforts we crave within our homes and backyard. As landscapes have become extensions of interior spaces, complete with furniture, fire features, kitchens, appliances and of course soothing lighting! Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte has even received requests from homeowner’s intent on illuminating themed outdoor spaces, such as a backyard putting green. This further helps personalize the outdoor retreat to fit the homeowners’ interests.

Outdoor Lighting installation at South Charlotte backyard golf putting green

Outdoor Lighting installation at South Charlotte backyard golf putting green.

In 2016, we embrace the fact that landscapes, gardens and outdoor living spaces are getting more tech-savvy too. These areas now serve as an extension of the outdoor living trend in creative and functional outdoor living. With outdoor lighting technological enhancements such as dramatic and boldly colored lights, task lighting, accent lighting and decorative outdoor lighting.

Attraction Lights Cluster Spire Detail.

Charlotte decorative outdoor lighting.

Backyard pergola lightingAlong with the aesthetics professional outdoor lighting provides,the right lighting can also put your landscape light years ahead of all the rest. This is made possible through LED outdoor lighting. Sure, you are probably familiar with LED lighting. It is used to illuminate car dashboards, laptops, appliances and much more. LED’s are more energy‑efficient and leave less of a carbon footprint on the environment than other genres of low voltage outdoor lighting. It stands to reason they would be right at home in our backyards too. Charlotte LED outdoor lighting is used for not only function, but increased effect, style and design with the idea of providing a romantic wash of illumination.

As many of us work,or play, till long after the sun goes down, we often don’t have time to enjoy their backyard until the evening hours. That’s where we can help. By adding up‑to‑the‑minute, stylish outdoor lighting your outdoors is immediately transformed into usable space.

Ken Brantly, Owner Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte

Ken Brantly, Owner Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte.

Contact us today to learn more about making your backyard and beyond and true outdoor oasis through illumination. You can reach us at (704) 849-8808 or via email at



Getting a New or Retrofitted Outdoor Landscape Lighting System is Easy With Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte!

Santa is on the way!Santa is on his way and good outdoor lighting is a necessity since family parties and gatherings are imminent. Don’t think for a minute that Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte stops landscape lighting installs simply because the weather has chilled down—it’s quite the opposite!

It’s never too early, or late, for a brand new outdoor lighting installation. If your landscape lighting is out of date, looking dull and you desire a complete refresh; we can help you with a brand spanking new design that will bring a whole new ambiance and vibe and truly give your home a renewed look. Consult with one of our expert lighting designers and let them capture the look you want and get it installed before Santa and his elves come knocking!

Charlotte outdoor lighting fixturesWe can give you fabulous new fixtures that are made in America for us and come in an array of styles that will compliment your home. We use LED bulbs with all our new installs that are environmentally friendly thanks to their low-wattage consumption, so they pay for themselves through bulb replacement and power bill savings over the long-term. Our LED’s emit beautiful warm  light that rivals any incandescent or halogen from the past. If you are still using old-school halogen bulbs, we can upgrade your existing system to LED’s with a complete retrofit that still uses your original housings if applicable — You wouldn’t believe the difference!

Cotswold outdoor lighting

We are also happy to upgrade your current timer, transformer, fixtures and wiring if needed—or we can give you and entirely new system. If you want to add more lights in areas that seem a tad dark, we can certainly amp up what you have now and simply add on. There is no one-size-fits-all installation when it comes to outdoor landscape lighting as each home and family need is unique. Our lighting designers listen to how your family lives and we figure out what out what your lifestyle requirements are in terms of outdoor illumination.

Festival lighting in outdoor living space

With the holidays here you might want to try something fun like adding permanent festive cafe-inspired outdoor lighting above your patio or other outdoor living space! Festival lighting is all the rage for homeowners wanting to add ambiance in their outdoor settings. This style of lighting is one of the most unique and versatile lighting trends customers are requesting. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte embraces emerging outdoor lighting ideas and new ways to introduce not only illumination into an area, but also as a way to convey a feeling of a mood within a space.

Charlotte outdoor kitchen task lightingIf you enjoy grilling late in the evenings year round, we can give you task lighting right at the barbecue where you need it most. Should you enjoy evenings with a hot chocolate and marshmallows at the outdoor fireplace on a cool evening, We will make sure that a warm glow is cast around this area as well. If you want to be sitting in your home and see your entire backyard come alive from your big picture window, we will make it happen. There is no project to complex or too small or large that we won’t aim to please and give our customers what they want. At minimum, we are going to make sure Santa knows exactly where to land at your house!

Ken Brantly, Owner Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte

Ken Brantly, Owner Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte.

Give us a call to bring your Charlotte home and landscape into the best light. We still have some appointments remaining. Contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte to have your outdoor lighting holiday ready before guests arrive! You can reach us at (704) 849-8808 or via email at


Don’t let the rainy weather impact getting your Charlotte outdoor lighting in order for the busy season ahead!

Don't let Rain Delay getting your Charlotte outdoor lighting holiday-ready

Don’t let the rainy weather impact getting your Charlotte outdoor lighting in order for the busy season ahead!

It’s been three straight weeks of rain in Charlotte, and of course that prevents outdoor labor from happening on behalf of many contractors that work on home exteriors and yards. Customers also wait until after it rains to contact us, when really they should be calling on a rainy day so work can begin when it finally dries out on a sunny day. If you’ve been thinking on servicing or upgrading your outdoor lighting before the hectic holiday season, the time to get on our schedule is NOW!

Charlotte entryway lighting (2)Get your outdoor lighting holiday-ready in Charlotte as Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away and you want to make sure your house looks spectacular in the evening before the guests start showing up (especially the Mother-in-law). Ensure that your driveway is easy for cars to navigate on and visitors can easily see where to walk to your front door despite the dark. We will give your home’s exterior tons of evening dimension and pop thanks to skillful tricks that our lighting designers employ.

Smaller homes can look larger with professional outdoor lighting.If you’ve moved into a new home that has no landscape lighting whatsoever, you can sit down with one of our lighting architects that will help you figure out what your illumination needs are based on your lifestyle. We ask you targeted questions that help us figure out what your outdoor lighting goals are and what is most important to you. You might have an outdoor water feature or pool perimeter that you’d like to play up, or a deck or patio that needs lighting to not only accentuates it, but also to make it safe in terms of walking up and down steps. We can light up your garden beds and up light your trees so that when you are sitting in your home you can see your backyard lit up like a living canvas that you can appreciate even on the darkest night.

Festival lighting in outdoor living spaceOutdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte can provide you with useful task lighting that fits elegantly into your entire illumination scheme and doesn’t scream harsh spotlight. An outdoor kitchen work area, barbecue, overhead patio lights and garage door lighting can all be done in a classy way that still serves its needed purpose of extra visibility. If you walk the dogs late at night, we can also spotlight an area so that you and your pup can safely do your business and feel comfortable and safe.

Check for damages to wiring, fixtures and bulbs, and call an outdoor lighting expert to make repairs.Let us come and check your system before the winter hits to ensure everything is working properly. We will look at your wiring bulbs, fixtures, transformer, timer and all the working parts of your outdoor lighting system to ensure everything is in top-notch working order before your guests arrive for the holidays. If you want to add additional fixtures to your existing system, we can illuminate areas that are dark and could use additional light. If a whole new lighting plan is what you’re after, then we can suit you up with a low consumption LED outdoor lighting scheme that will be easy on your power bill and be environmentally green. Our fixtures are made in the USA and are commercial quality so you will get many years of solid use out of them. We have innumerable shapes and styles that will fit whatever look and feel you are after, including specialty fixtures that add a truly sculptural and artistic flair to your property. Why have boring lighting when you can wow your guests with the unique and spectacular. Book an appointment NOW!

Ken Brantly, Owner Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte

Ken Brantly, Owner Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte.

Contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte to have your outdoor lighting ready for the busy holiday season ahead! You can reach us at (704) 849-8808 or via email at


Ambiance and Function is at Heart of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte’s Commercial Designs

Commercial outdoor lighting Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte doesn’t only light up residential homes, we also add ambiance to commercial spaces with our expert lighting techniques as well. It doesn’t matter if you are a restaurant, hotel, boutique shop, church, shopping mall, outdoor park or even a small town main street—we can tackle the challenge with ease and light up the night to enthrall customers and keep them shopping well into the evening hours. We have lit up some of the most prominent commercial properties in the Charlotte area, and the chances are you’ve seen our fabulous work around town without even realizing it.

300 eastWe love doing restaurants because there is instant impact with atmosphere that thrills diners.  Ten years ago we have lit up well known 300 East in Dilworth, which was featured in the Food Network’s “Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives”. We were recently asked to come back and do wonderful upgrades to freshen it up and give it a whole new look with the latest technology available today. We also did the string lighting on the trees at nearby Tupelo Honey Café in Charlotte’s historic South End district, the outdoor lighting at Firebirds Wood Fired Grill at South Park, and we illuminated the patio at Residence Inn Hotel in town too.

It’s no secret to us that lighting increases sales because it adds drama to your façade, passersby can easily see your signage and the perimeter of your building clearly, and we add a memorable touch to your space that makes clients want to return. We add a bit of theatrical excitement to every space we touch and we make it easy for you to sit back and let us magically transform your storefront or building through the use of light. Not only are visibility and mood key, but good lighting provides safety, security and visibility for your customers as well.

Commercial outdoor lighting using bollards

Commercial outdoor lighting using bollards.

We can provide you whatever look and feel you are going for that is your very own. We can add sophisticated café lighting overhead to light up your dining patio in a romantic way, we can throw artistic shadows against your storefront and entrance that will have customers doing a double-take, or we can give you a colorful and dramatic spectacle with an edgy modern vibe. Whether it’s elegant or eye-popping, we can give you any custom style that you are trying to exude to your customers.

Of course, just as with our residential installations, we use only commercial grade fixtures, wires, transformers and timers that are made right her in the USA. They will provide years of use with LED technology that is low impact in terms of energy costs.

Ken Brantly, Owner Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte

Ken Brantly, Owner Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte.

Let us show you how we can add a dose of interest and creative flair to your commercial or residential space with our expert lighting methods that will turn heads of customers and have them at your doorstep.  Contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte today to learn more at (704) 849-8808 or via email at



North Carolina Design Group Highlights the Transformative Effect Charlotte Outdoor Lighting Exudes

Charlotte design group article screen shot

Featured article in NC Design. To read the entire article click here.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte had the recent pleasure of teaming up with the Solow Design Group on a terrific landscape project in the Elizabeth Neighborhood of Charlotte, NC, which was recently profiled in North Carolina Design. We love to work with companies like Solow because much like us, they are eager to delight and enthrall their clients by providing top-notch customer service wrapped around expert design and installation. We are simpatico in that we listen very carefully to what the homeowner wants and we execute on their dreams so that all their wants are met and their expectations are exceeded.

After Ric Solow’s team  worked their magic by entirely revamping the landscaping and hardscapes on the property, we moved in to add the final glitter and evening sparkle to their work. We worked hand-in-hand with them from the beginning of the project so we knew ahead of time where wires, fixtures and other facets would be based on their selection of trees, shrubs and other decorative features. If you are planning an update of your landscape on a small or large-scale, make sure to include your lighting architect into the plans early on as it can be a big cost saver and minimize disruption not having to dig up the property after the yard has been completed.

Elizabeth Outdoor LightingWith Solow’s spectacular stonework and fauna in place, we were challenged to bring in fixtures that would wash the property in luxurious lighting that was complimentary to the hardscape. Pathways were beautifully lit with natural appeal that is both sculptural and artistic, but also provides plenty of practical visibility in a very elegant way. The architectural elements pop in a stylish and graceful manner without appearing intentional, but rather seem to be bathed in soft moonlight. Of course, it takes a lot of design skill to use fool-the-eye effects and techniques that create subtleties in illumination. Whether to up light or down light is both an art and a science that our lighting designers have mastered through their education and hands-on expertise at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte, and it’s exactly why landscape and home architects call us to partner with them. They know we are going to cast their work in the very best light to wow the customer.

Elizabeth Outdoor Lighting

Ken is passionate about the transformative effect of outdoor lighting. “It’s the difference between a cold, dark building and a warm, inviting respite from the outside world,” he reflects. “Our clients have told us how much they enjoy pulling up in their driveway after a long day and seeing the lights of home. They’ve also said that a lighted landscape is the kind of thing you didn’t think you needed, but once you have it, you wonder how you ever lived without it.”

Elizabeth Outdoor LightingWe look to light up the evening in a very subtle way that beckons the eye to wander around the space. There is nothing harsh or fixtures that are lined up predictable ways as if you are on an airplane runway. We go for the unpredictable and exciting in a warm and inviting way that makes you wonder what is around the corner.  We aim for restrained, ethereal and elegant so that the home and property are washed in a soft glow and to complement the materials and design plan the landscape architects put in place.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte looks forward to working with Solow Design and other landscape designers in the future. Contact us today to learn more at (704) 849-8808 or via email at

Ken Brantly, Owner Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte

Ken Brantly, Owner Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte.


Our decorative outdoor lighting choices will leave you breathless!

Orb lights hanging from trees give a magical appearance.

Why settle for boring outdoor lighting fixtures from one of those big box stores that only lasts a few seasons and are the same style that all your neighbors have. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte offers you commercial-quality lighting made right here in the USA with gorgeous and unique designs that are sure to create those “where-did-you-get-those” envious stares in your neighborhood.

We have Festoon light strings that are designed to be permanent and provide a truly unique draping of light overhead that provides plenty of visibility over a covered porch, patio or deck providing a festive flair that gives an outdoor Parisian street cafe vibe. A cable is used to support the weight of the wires for safety and strength.

Festival lighting in outdoor living space

Festival lighting was added to this outdoor living space to create ambiance and enhance use of the space in the evening.

Similarly, Orb lights are multiple strands of lights that can cross large spans such as above a large outdoor patio, your outdoor kitchen/dining area or draped romantically in a tree. They are much bigger than the lights on festoon strings and you have the option of 10″, 12″ and 16″ globes available in opaque white, multi-colored and clear. When lit up, these globes appear to be floating and offer a truly magical, fairytale appearance.

Arrington Vineyard orb lighting used in trees

Orb lights hanging from trees give a magical appearance.

Sparkler fixtures are truly special because they are custom-made especially for Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte. Holes are cut out of the metal so when the light shines through them, they bounce a fabulous spray of light patterns that dance on pathways, walls and most anything nearby. These fixtures are very distinctive and bring an artistic vibe into the garden like no other.

Charlotte unique outdoor lighting designs

Garden Luminaries are yet another fixture that is completely different. These striking lights look like sculptural art during the daylight hours with their gorgeous shapes and metalwork designs, but at night they take on an otherworldly feel with romantic ambiance. They also cast remarkable shadows of light around a walkway or wall in the darkness that is breathtaking. If you are looking for something to stand out in the twilight, a few of our luminaries will fit the bill.

Don’t forget that we also can retrofit your existing fixtures to be converted and updated to LED bulbs, too. No need to run out and spend money on brand new fixtures if your current fixtures are in good condition and you will benefit from the energy savings that these bulbs provide and their long life.

Ken Brantly, Owner Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte

Ken Brantly, Owner Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte.

To free yourself from ho-hum and uninteresting lighting options, and get custom decorative outdoor lighting fixtures that will wow–contact us today to learn more at (704) 849-8808 or via email at



Take a look at our completed project in Charlotte, NC, featuring Attraction Lights!

Attraction LightsThis week we wanted to share our completed project featured in our original story titled “Artistry through lighting is what our most recent installation is all about!” For this installation we paired our traditional high-quality LED fixtures with decorative lights made by Attraction Lights and available through Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte. The use of these lights draws the eye to the artistry of the fixture and the haunting shadows they cast.

In this video clip, Larry Spada, who is the creative director and brand strategist with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Richmond, VA, and resident of Charlotte NC, highlights the completed project in the evening.

This installation consisted of replacing two of Larry’s existing fixtures with decorative Attraction lights at well-appointed locations to enhance the front of the property. The project also included the installation of three (3) Boca lights to help illuminate and showcase the planted areas around the front perimeter of the home and along the driveway to enliven the beautiful, mature crepe myrtle tree that is in now in bloom!

Ken Brantly, Owner Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte

Ken Brantly, Owner Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte.

If you are ready to experience the captivating allure that outdoor lighting can add to your home or business, contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte today to learn more about our one-of-a-kind outdoor lighting designs and these artistic assets. You can also visit our decorative lighting page for more unique lighting ideas. Call us at  704-849-8808 or email us at