What does Charlotte landscape lighting and chocolates have in common?

box of chocolatesAlthough spring is set to officially arrive March 20th, here in the Charlotte area we have already had many “spring like” days in 2017! Maybe it is just an Indian Summer, maybe it is just a happy coincidence, but as you know winter weather in Charlotte is like a box of chocolates…you just never know what you are going to get.

With the onset of the recent spring like days in mind, many Charlotte homeowners have set forth preparing their homes and landscapes for the outdoor living season ahead. Many are busy installing pools, new outdoor living spaces and additions to their landscapes. Planning and installing these projects early will allow full use of the area(s) throughout the season, but it is important to remember to include and plan for lighting because “full use” encompasses evening enjoyment as well.

Charlotte Landscape Lighting

Even if you are just in the planning stages of an outdoor project right now, give us a call so we can guide you about adding landscape lighting into the mix upfront. It’s always a good idea to make landscape lighting part of your initial planning so you don’t settle for second-choice placement. It will save lots of time and money to incorporate lighting into the very early stages of your anticipated project. Plus, you can put your lights exactly where you want them and not have to go around large hardscape or structures that are in place. Of course, don’t fret if you’re already in the midst of your project we can figure out the best way to get the look you want regardless.

Elizabeth Outdoor Lighting

Charlotte landscape lighting in Elizabeth.

Let us help you with your outdoor living or landscape project plans with a lighting plan that shows off your hard work under the stars! Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte at 704-849-8808 or email us at charlotte.outdoorlights.com

Ken Brantly, Owner Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte

Ken Brantly, Owner Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte.


Labor Day is almost here — is your Charlotte backyard celebration ready?

Happy Labor Day from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte

Labor Day is celebrated on the first Monday in September. It honors the American labor movement and the contributions that workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of the country. For many Charlotteans, Labor Day weekend also marks the official end to summer and the last hoorah for outdoor entertaining. With this in mind, and while you are busy planning the guest list, food and fun, have you thought about how celebration-worthy your backyard will be after the sun goes down?

  • Will you and your guests be able to navigate your backyard safely in order to enjoy an evening game of corn hole, horse shoes or even for the kids to play in the grass?
  • Happy Labor Day from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of CharlotteIs there enough illumination to check the doneness of those hamburgers and hot dogs you’re grilling?
  • Is the visibility on your deck and patio good enough to dine comfortably outdoors?
  • Do you feel safe letting your guests swim throughout the evening? Is your pool surround properly illuminated?

The deck and patio are the core centerpieces of any backyard, and that’s where most of the fun happens including dining, grilling, relaxing and entertaining. It makes perfect sense to enhance this area since it’s the hardest working area during outdoor celebrations. We want your deck to not only look fabulous, but we want the lighting to offer the convenience of helping you with visibility so that you can extend the hours of use well into the evening.  We can give you romantic deck lighting and targeted task lighting that helps you see when at the barbecue or grill, overhead café style lighting that can be draped across large bringing in plenty of light to do virtually anything under. We can ensure all the key features of your deck and patio (such as steps) are lit to provide you the safety you need to make them work to their fullest.

Charlotte Festival Outdoor Lighting

Lighting within the landscape itself gives you the freedom to indulge in backyard activities without constraints. We can illuminate trees, shrubs, flower beds, gardens to highlight their beauty and make navigation throughout the landscape easy. Evening yard games become effortless as lighting increases visibility. We can make your backyard glimmer at night with perimeter lighting that makes your property look bigger by enhancing depth and dimension.

Charlotte backyard lighting

Water features are more and more prevalent in our outdoor spaces– requests for pool, spa, fountain, pond and waterfall lighting have increased considerable over the past few years. Families are looking to make these watery enchantments a stand-out feature in their yards and they are seeking to enjoy their use and beauty even in the darkest hours. Our expert lighting designers  know exactly how to capture the movement and character that water provides to give you unparalleled relaxation and increasing safety around your pool and/or water feature.

pool and landscape lighting a beautiful collaboration

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte, we don’t believe in cookie-cutter lighting kits and one-size-fits-all designs. We focus on designing the perfect lighting system for your specific needs. From casual accent lighting to fully adjustable outdoor displays, we will highlight your home, outdoor living spaces and landscape in a whole new way. Our lighting will sure your Labor Day celebration can continue after the sun sets shows you are the host that makes certain no detail is missed. Imagine being able to grill, dine and entertain well into the evening with the versatility outdoor lighting provides.

Ken Brantly, Owner Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte

Ken Brantly, Owner Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte.

Contact us today to make your backyard ready for family, friends and fun in time for Labor Day and every night throughout the year! You can reach us at (704) 849-8808 or via email at charlotte.outdoorlights.com.

Get Your Outdoor Landscape System Summer Ready and Tackle those Smaller Lighting Plans

Small spaces in your Charlotte backyard can be brought to life with patio lighting from Outdoor Lighting PerspectivesBigger isn’t always better, and Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte totally understands the desire for our clients wanting to create smaller vignettes of light in their gardens instead of large displays. We love working in a tiered capacity where we come in and do projects in stages as time, budgets and lifestyles allow. If you’re on the fence about getting started on outdoor landscape lighting, NOW is the perfect time before the summer season heats up and we are deep in barbecue season.

Charlotte outdoor kitchen task lightingIf you want to add light just to your outdoor kitchen and dining area, we will happily provide you with fantastic task lighting that enables you to feel like a chef at the grill with plenty of visibility for cooking some gourmet meals. No more second guessing on whether a dish is ready or worried it’s undercooked due to poor lighting. Get everything just right the first time with proper light. If your pool area is on the hit list of upgraded lighting for added safety and glamour, then let’s go ahead with that little slice of your outdoor oasis and make that water come to life thanks to angled surface lighting that showcases the water’s movement. We can add dazzle to your waterfall, masterfully light your pool deck without harsh light directed toward your lounge chairs, and bring drama to your foliage and trees that encircle your pool.

Deck lighting adds enjoyment to your Charlotte deckDoes your deck or patio need to come out of the depths of darkness so it’s party ready? Let Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte drape café lighting overhead for a festive feel that offers lots of visibility for dining, game playing, dining or just general conversation. We can add built-in lights to your steps, posts and all the areas surrounding your deck so that it’s safe for everyone to navigate, adds useful outdoor square footage and looks fabulous. Lighting smaller zones of any yard can really have a huge impact without the stressful overload of trying to deal with a large-scale scheme. Doing it slowly and over time is wallet friendly and doesn’t get in the way of summer fun.

pool and landscape lighting a beautiful collaboration

Backyard-pergola-lightingThe kids are almost out of school here in Charlotte and outdoor entertaining is about to kick into high gear with summer parties, barbecuing and dinners with family and friends. Summer holidays are just around the corner and we aim to get your ready for them! Whether it’s a big festive birthday blow-out or a romantic patio dinner for two, we will help you get evening backyard ready no matter what the occasion. Not only will we add beauty and elegance, but you will get a good dose of functionality, safety and security too!

Don’t wait to get your pre-summer maintenance done to check the wellness of your existing outdoor lighting system either! It doesn’t matter if we installed your system or if someone else did, we will gladly do a routine check to ensure all your fixtures are in tip-top shape, replace your burned out bulbs, convert you to LED bulbs if you are looking for an energy savings, look at your wires, timer and ensure everything is ready for a long summer of fun.

Ken Brantly, Owner Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte

Ken Brantly, Owner Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte.

Give Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte  a call today to learn more about how we can light up your night and get you summer ready at (704) 849-8808 or via email at charlotte.outdoorlights.com.

Enjoyment of your Charlotte pool doesn’t have to end with the setting sun!

pool and landscape lighting a beautiful collaborationWarmer days are headed to the Charlotte area and that means pool time is just right around the corner! We are lucky that we can enjoy a long swimming and entertainment season as Charlotteans; and with the Memorial Day holiday heading our way next month, homeowners are calling us wanting to get their pool areas swim ready. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte’s lighting designers will show you exactly how to enhance your backyard experience with regard to your pool, deck, porch, patio and everything in between.

Elegantly lit pool from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte

Extend your pool enjoyment this season with outdoor lighting!

We are no strangers to lighting up pools and other water features such as ponds, waterfalls and fountains. Adding a sense of elegant ambiance and character is something we know how to do well, and it takes a special talent to light up water in the best light so that it shimmers and has plenty of movement that will inspire guests. In fact, pool lighting can be a fairly complicated task for those that do not have the right skills and experience to do it correctly. Pools tend to be at ground level, and the wrong lighting can actually produce a harsh glare that ruins all the fun for your visitors. Nobody wants a bright light in their face while enjoying evening pool time lounging by the water or taking a dip after the sun has gone down.  We can create an incredible effect that highlights all the cool features of your pool such as hardscape, retaining walls, a waterfall or even your flowers and trees surrounding your pool area.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives - Benham Pool Party

Before and after pool lighting — what a difference!

We can offer you an incredible outdoor lighting experience that gives your pool surround a total custom feel. Our stylish fixtures are made expressly for us right in America of all metal materials with the highest gauge wiring on the market. Not only will your pool and garden look fabulous, but you get the peace of mind of safety where you can clearly see everything and your guests can securely walk around without the danger of a fall. We can make features such as your waterfall or a nearby ornamental tree truly pop in the dark with a real wow factor. It doesn’t matter if you are grilling, chilling with friends poolside, playing a game of water polo or sharing a romantic dinner with your love—Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte will set the right mood that will extend your backyard endeavors no matter what the hour. After all, why should the party stop simply because the sun has gone down?

Charlotte waterfalls are enhanced with outdoor lighting

Landscape lighting adds outdoor square footage to your property which adds plenty of extra value, and it gets the family out in the fresh air. We’ve been cooped indoors with a cooler than expected winter in Charlotte, and now is the time to set the stage for warmer spring evenings. As our clients are busy cleaning out their pools in anticipation of the season, it’s time to give us a call to add dazzling lighting to the mix. We can help you upgrade your existing lighting scheme, retrofit your system to low consumption LED’s or even set up a whole new system from scratch. Don’t wait until the last minute to get your poolscape ready for family and friends with custom lighting.

Ken Brantly, Owner Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte

Ken Brantly, Owner Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte gives your pool the summer ready treatment with an illumination package that will get the swim party rolling! Call us today to learn more at (704) 849-8808 or via email at charlotte.outdoorlights.com.

Poolside Landscape Lighting Illuminates Evening Swims and Brings Romantic Mood

Create a one-of-a-kind party atmosphere with professional outdoor lighting.

Create a one-of-a-kind atmosphere with professional outdoor lighting.

We are lucky that living in the Carolinas affords us a long summer where enjoying our backyards and swimming pool can happen straight through the end of September and sometimes even beyond that. This week the temps are still hot, so a dip in the pool still offers plenty of relief. With the kids back in school, summer vacations over and normal work schedules back in gear, there is no better time to enjoy the pool than in the late evenings.

Highlight your pool's luxurious water features with outdoor lighting.

Highlight your pool’s luxurious water features with outdoor lighting.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte can help you achieve drama and excitement with our specialized pool lighting techniques. We can come in to after your pool has been built or to upgrade an existing one–and illuminate the deck and landscape around your pool set the stage for incredible mood or atmosphere in your backyard, We can add color and a unique energy to your swimming pool and surrounding garden that will help your family enjoy pool time well into the evening hours and simply give it an elegant flair even when you’re not in the water.

 pool and landscape lighting a beautiful collaboration

Clients often don’t think about lighting around a pool and simply live with the submersed lighting that is part of the structure. We love to work with pool architects, and the best time to contact us is when you are drawing up your pool design so we can work in tandem with their design team. But don’t fret if the pool is all done, as we can still add plenty of value after the fact, too. We can come in and light your pathway to your pool, the perimeter of the deck surround, the hardscape and the lush foliage that is around the water. We can cast soft light on waterfall cascades, trees, ponds and spas that give a truly surreal look to give this area a truly spectacular resort-like appeal. We can set any mood you’d like to capture, whether it is mysterious and romantic, a fun party vibe or something that comes right out of another world. We can capture the flavor of whatever you can dream up! Through our automated lighting controls, you can change the mood by simply pushing a button!

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives - Benham Pool Party

We can set downlighting high in the trees to shine down onto the pool so that it isn’t directed straight at your guests. We can set torch tiki type lighting around the pool deck that incorporates both LED and a real flame for island flair; and there is nothing more spectacular than spotlighting an incredible specimen tree in a gorgeous silhouette of light. When the kids go to sleep, Mom and Dad can enjoy a quiet evening swim in the pool where we can add dimmers and warm colorful lighting to keep things dreamy and romantic. We can add beautiful atmosphere and effects to highlight you pool deck or other key areas so simply sitting poolside with a glass of wine will put you and your honey in a relaxed mood after a long day.

Ken Brantly, Owner Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte

Ken Brantly, Owner Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte.

So, whether you’ve got an existing pool or a brand new one, we can add plenty of sparkle and shine to your watery oasis whether you are paddling in the water or just enjoying the view. Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte at 704-849-8808 or email us at charlotte.outdoorlights.com to discuss how we can help you beautify your pool, deck and backyard.


Make the most out of your pool or water feature this season with Charlotte oudoor lighting!

Elegantly lit pool from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte

Extend your pool enjoyment this season with outdoor lighting!

With the temperatures we’ve been having here in past few days, it feels like summer is already here. Memorial Day is less than 2 weeks away and for a good portion of Charlotte area residents that means backyard pools and outdoor living areas are being prepared for lots of fun in the sun! But what about the good times to be had after the sun goes down? Professional pool lighting and landscape lighting in your backyard allows you to let the good times roll well into the night.

The right lighting makes all the difference when it comes to enjoying your pool and surrounding areas at night. Much the way candlelight sets the mood for an elegant dinner party, skillfully designed and installed exterior lighting creates a special ambiance around your pool and throughout your landscape. In addition to its aesthetic benefits, outdoor lighting is extremely functional, such as illuminating a pool for swimming, delineating a pathway, and making you feel more safe and secure. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte professional services and high quality fixtures can do all of this and more, while expanding your home’s living space.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives - Benham Pool Party

During the warm seasons from spring all the way into the autumn, temperatures can soar into the late evening hours. After a long day of work and a wonderful evening meal, wouldn’t a relaxing dip in the cool water of your pool or the warm bubbly water of your spa finish the night just right? Harsh flood lights or a total lack of illumination are anything but relaxing. With that in mind, wouldn’t the addition of a custom designed lighting system which combines the warm glow of ambient light for mood enhancement and focal lighting to accentuate features which add to the allure of your pool or spa and surrounding areas complete the look?

Create a one-of-a-kind party atmosphere with professional outdoor lighting.

Create a one-of-a-kind party atmosphere with professional outdoor lighting.

Not only will your pool be the new center of attention, but a well-lit swimming spot opens doors to many entertainment possibilities. Pool lighting can make your landscaping, hardscapes and all areas surrounding your pool take on a whole new persona in the evening. Cookouts and dinner parties with friends are can’t miss events when you add night-time swimming after-parties, and “staycations” will feel just like time away at a tropical oasis…so lush and elegant, you may never want to go back indoors again.

Pool and water feature lighting is a must for homeowners who want to get the most out of their pool and surrounding outdoor living space. In additional we can provide the best eye-catching illumination for other water features, such as fountain and waterfall lighting, Koi pond lighting, water garden lighting and hot tub lighting; all of which allows you to take in the beauty and serenity of your water feature in the evening. To further enhance your space, we illuminate the areas around your water feature as well, turning the entire area into a breathtaking private oasis in your own backyard.

Charlotte waterfalls are enhanced with outdoor lighting

Charlotte waterfalls are enhanced with outdoor lighting.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte’s design experts can create a lighting plan that will bring your pool or other water feature to life under the stars. We have a broad range of innovative pool and poolside lighting solutions, which will help to create a dazzling focal point of your landscape.

Ken Brantly, Owner Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte

Ken Brantly, Owner Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte.

If you are ready to extend the use and beauty of your pool or water feature with the addition of stunning outdoor lighting, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte at 704-849-8808 or email us at charlotte.outdoorlights.com

Try Something New With Your Charlotte Pool Area Lighting

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte, pool area lighting is one of our favorite designs to work with. There’s something about the pool area that transforms after dark in a way no other backyard area can match. From sparkling reflections dancing on the water to dressing up new play areas around it, here are just a few new things you can try in your pool area at home to really make it stand out from the rest.

Our solid copper fixtures blend in with their surroundings.

Carve out a party spot with path lights around the pool area.

In Charlotte, path lighting is one of the best ways to guide your guests down to the pool area without resorting to an overblown flood light or making them walk in the dark.  In addition to helping you carve out your Charlotte pool area, lighting techniques can help improve the overall safety and security of your backyard. Illuminate tripping hazards around the pool, and use Charlotte path lighting to clearly define the edges of the pool as well as safe walkways around it.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte can illuminate your patio at night

Moonlighting casts a gorgeous natural glow on your favorite backyard spots.

Create a brand new space to play games with moonlighting.

Got extra space around the pool in your backyard? Reinvent grassy spots as play areas for bocce ball, horseshoes and other games your family and friends love to play. Our experienced professionals are experts at crafting Charlotte outdoor lighting designs to fit your specific needs. For this example, ground fixtures may give the area a nice look, but they’ll also be dangerous tripping hazards and are not ideal for game spots. Additionally, traditional tree lighting techniques may be too bright and shine directly in players’ eyes. We’ll show you how to leverage professional moonlighting techniques, with Charlotte outdoor lighting designs shining through the branches and onto the play area, augmenting and emulating the natural light from the moon.

Try café lights around the seating area to tie the whole area together.

Get even more adventurous with Charlotte café lights in the style of your favorite restaurant or hotel. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte offers a number of unique options to dress up your seating areas, hot tub and other favorite spots around the pool to take your backyard to the next level. You and your guests will feel like you’re soaking up the luxury of a four star hotel every night at home with the creative, elegant pool area lighting from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte.

Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte today for pool area lighting tips and tricks like these and more. With just a few expertly placed Charlotte outdoor lighting fixtures, we’ll help you transform your backyard into one of the most magical family gathering spots in your home.

Ken Brantly, Owner Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of CharlotteKen Brantley, Owner
Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte

Loving Outdoor Living in Charlotte Made Simple

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  It’s possible to absorb large amounts of information by simply looking at one photo.  With that in mind, we wanted to let you know Loving Outdoor Living Free e-magaineabout a new e-magazine filled with beautiful photos, called Loving Outdoor Living.  The free online guide, brought to you by Outdoor Living Brands, contains page after page of full-colored outdoor settings, information on new outdoor living products and the latest home developments in outdoor living spaces. You’ll even find information on entertaining outdoors and tasty recipes to try.

Take your time to browse through the free Loving Outdoor Living e-magazine.  You can even download the PDF version to save for future reference.  If you like what you see and are interested in more, hop on over to the Loving Outdoor Living blog that continues to engage you with the latest news on outdoor living comforts and accents.

Loving Outdoor Living Blog

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte is proud to be part of the Outdoor Living Brands family.  As you page through the free e-magazine, be sure to stop and read how Charlotte outdoor lighting adds more life to outdoor living, found on page 25.  The article will explain how landscape lighting enhances your outdoor living spaces and the various techniques we use to light your Charlotte decks, paths, pool areas and more.

It’s the perfect time of year to enjoy your outdoor living spaces.  It’s also the perfect time of year to enhance those spaces with Charlotte outdoor lighting so you can enjoy them longer Ken Brantly, Owner Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotteinto the night.  If you’d like to see how Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte could light your home, landscaping, pathways, deck, patio, pool area, garden and more, give us a call at 704-849-8808 or visit our Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte website.  Our consultation is always free.  We think you’ll like how your outdoor living spaces look at feel with the soft illumination of Charlotte outdoor lighting.

Don’t Forget To Light Up The Pool With Professional Outdoor Lighting

Last week we talked a lot about deck and patio lighting, and many of you listened. We’re excited to transform backyards all over Charlotte into party centrals or family gathering spots. But there’s another aspect to crafting a stellar outdoor lighting design that deserves your attention in Charlotte: Pool area lighting.

  • Waterfall lights: Waterfalls are one pool feature that look even more impressive at night – when they’re properly lit. It’s no fun sitting by the pool after dark and just listening to the water cascading into the pool. Shine a spotlight on this luxurious part of your pool with professional waterfall lighting.

    Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte turns your pool area into a retreat with outdoor lighting

    Waterfall lighting and accent lighting make your pool look even more impressive after dark.

  • Accent lights: Pick out your favorite features by the pool, whether it’s a cozy alcove, a firepit, hot tub, statues or other water features and show them off with professionally placed accent lights. We know how to place each pool area lighting fixture perfectly to cast beautiful, elegant light on the features you love.
  • Create a one-of-a-kind party atmosphere with professional pool deck lighting.

    It’s easy to light up the entire pool area with just a few flood light fixtures.

    Flood lights: Illuminate the entire pool area with flood lights to help increase visibility and safety. Our experts can easily transform your pool at night and make it more enjoyable for guests of all ages with just one or two flood light fixtures.

  • Other Charlotte pool area lighting: Tie it all together with customized recommendations from our outdoor lighting experts. Whether subtle path lighting could help blend your pool area lighting with your deck and patio lighting a little better or a different type of fixture is needed to really light up your space, we can help craft a one-of-a-kind look for you.

Every pool in Charlotte is different. Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte today to customize your outdoor lighting design to match your style and bring out the absolute best in your pool’s unique features.

Ken Brantly, Owner Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of CharlotteKen Brantley, Owner
Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte

Enhance Your Backyard Water Features With Beautiful Charlotte Outdoor Lighting

A waterfall is one of the most luxurious features you can have on your property, but it really only shines when it’s properly lit up at night. Sure, it looks great in the sunlight during the day, but it’s quickly lost in the dark without some kind of outdoor lighting. Show off your luxurious water feature, and let Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte transform your area into a magnificent work of art at night with a professional outdoor lighting design.

  • Waterfall lighting: Ask about our brass underwater lights to use in your waterfall. These beautiful features add an extra level of depth to your feature.  We’ll help you customize your look, whether you want to shine a spotlight on your pool or create a more relaxing atmosphere with softer, more subtle waterfall lighting.

    Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte turns your pool area into a retreat with outdoor lighting

    Transform your favorite water features into nighttime masterpieces with outdoor lighting.

  • Pool area lighting: We’re experts at placing additional pool area lighting around a pool waterfall to really highlight the cascading water and reflect off the movement of the water to create a true masterpiece.
  • More: Dress up the areas around your pool with patio lighting and path lighting so you can host parties or small barbecues in style. We’ll help you craft a one-of-a-kind look to really make your favorite areas shine, plus blend your overall system together with soft, subtle path lighting to connect to dots.
Create a one-of-a-kind party atmosphere with professional pool deck lighting.

Pool area lighting offers a glamorous look and a higher level of safety after dark.

Pool area lighting doesn’t just look great – it also offers the higher level of safety and security you need to host company with peace of mind. Transform your backyard into a fun, safe party spot the whole family can enjoy, and make sure your favorite water features are getting the proper treatment with gorgeous, professional waterfall lighting.

Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives today to learn more about enhancing your home and pool area with one-of-a-kind outdoor lighting.

Ken Brantly, Owner Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of CharlotteKen Brantley, Owner
Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte