Don’t let the rainy weather impact getting your Charlotte outdoor lighting in order for the busy season ahead!

Don't let Rain Delay getting your Charlotte outdoor lighting holiday-ready

Don’t let the rainy weather impact getting your Charlotte outdoor lighting in order for the busy season ahead!

It’s been three straight weeks of rain in Charlotte, and of course that prevents outdoor labor from happening on behalf of many contractors that work on home exteriors and yards. Customers also wait until after it rains to contact us, when really they should be calling on a rainy day so work can begin when it finally dries out on a sunny day. If you’ve been thinking on servicing or upgrading your outdoor lighting before the hectic holiday season, the time to get on our schedule is NOW!

Charlotte entryway lighting (2)Get your outdoor lighting holiday-ready in Charlotte as Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away and you want to make sure your house looks spectacular in the evening before the guests start showing up (especially the Mother-in-law). Ensure that your driveway is easy for cars to navigate on and visitors can easily see where to walk to your front door despite the dark. We will give your home’s exterior tons of evening dimension and pop thanks to skillful tricks that our lighting designers employ.

Smaller homes can look larger with professional outdoor lighting.If you’ve moved into a new home that has no landscape lighting whatsoever, you can sit down with one of our lighting architects that will help you figure out what your illumination needs are based on your lifestyle. We ask you targeted questions that help us figure out what your outdoor lighting goals are and what is most important to you. You might have an outdoor water feature or pool perimeter that you’d like to play up, or a deck or patio that needs lighting to not only accentuates it, but also to make it safe in terms of walking up and down steps. We can light up your garden beds and up light your trees so that when you are sitting in your home you can see your backyard lit up like a living canvas that you can appreciate even on the darkest night.

Festival lighting in outdoor living spaceOutdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte can provide you with useful task lighting that fits elegantly into your entire illumination scheme and doesn’t scream harsh spotlight. An outdoor kitchen work area, barbecue, overhead patio lights and garage door lighting can all be done in a classy way that still serves its needed purpose of extra visibility. If you walk the dogs late at night, we can also spotlight an area so that you and your pup can safely do your business and feel comfortable and safe.

Check for damages to wiring, fixtures and bulbs, and call an outdoor lighting expert to make repairs.Let us come and check your system before the winter hits to ensure everything is working properly. We will look at your wiring bulbs, fixtures, transformer, timer and all the working parts of your outdoor lighting system to ensure everything is in top-notch working order before your guests arrive for the holidays. If you want to add additional fixtures to your existing system, we can illuminate areas that are dark and could use additional light. If a whole new lighting plan is what you’re after, then we can suit you up with a low consumption LED outdoor lighting scheme that will be easy on your power bill and be environmentally green. Our fixtures are made in the USA and are commercial quality so you will get many years of solid use out of them. We have innumerable shapes and styles that will fit whatever look and feel you are after, including specialty fixtures that add a truly sculptural and artistic flair to your property. Why have boring lighting when you can wow your guests with the unique and spectacular. Book an appointment NOW!

Ken Brantly, Owner Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte

Ken Brantly, Owner Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte.

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