Enhance Your Backyard Water Features With Beautiful Charlotte Outdoor Lighting

A waterfall is one of the most luxurious features you can have on your property, but it really only shines when it’s properly lit up at night. Sure, it looks great in the sunlight during the day, but it’s quickly lost in the dark without some kind of outdoor lighting. Show off your luxurious water feature, and let Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte transform your area into a magnificent work of art at night with a professional outdoor lighting design.

  • Waterfall lighting: Ask about our brass underwater lights to use in your waterfall. These beautiful features add an extra level of depth to your feature.  We’ll help you customize your look, whether you want to shine a spotlight on your pool or create a more relaxing atmosphere with softer, more subtle waterfall lighting.

    Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte turns your pool area into a retreat with outdoor lighting

    Transform your favorite water features into nighttime masterpieces with outdoor lighting.

  • Pool area lighting: We’re experts at placing additional pool area lighting around a pool waterfall to really highlight the cascading water and reflect off the movement of the water to create a true masterpiece.
  • More: Dress up the areas around your pool with patio lighting and path lighting so you can host parties or small barbecues in style. We’ll help you craft a one-of-a-kind look to really make your favorite areas shine, plus blend your overall system together with soft, subtle path lighting to connect to dots.
Create a one-of-a-kind party atmosphere with professional pool deck lighting.

Pool area lighting offers a glamorous look and a higher level of safety after dark.

Pool area lighting doesn’t just look great – it also offers the higher level of safety and security you need to host company with peace of mind. Transform your backyard into a fun, safe party spot the whole family can enjoy, and make sure your favorite water features are getting the proper treatment with gorgeous, professional waterfall lighting.

Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives today to learn more about enhancing your home and pool area with one-of-a-kind outdoor lighting.

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