Getting a New or Retrofitted Outdoor Landscape Lighting System is Easy With Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte!

Santa is on the way!Santa is on his way and good outdoor lighting is a necessity since family parties and gatherings are imminent. Don’t think for a minute that Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte stops landscape lighting installs simply because the weather has chilled down—it’s quite the opposite!

It’s never too early, or late, for a brand new outdoor lighting installation. If your landscape lighting is out of date, looking dull and you desire a complete refresh; we can help you with a brand spanking new design that will bring a whole new ambiance and vibe and truly give your home a renewed look. Consult with one of our expert lighting designers and let them capture the look you want and get it installed before Santa and his elves come knocking!

Charlotte outdoor lighting fixturesWe can give you fabulous new fixtures that are made in America for us and come in an array of styles that will compliment your home. We use LED bulbs with all our new installs that are environmentally friendly thanks to their low-wattage consumption, so they pay for themselves through bulb replacement and power bill savings over the long-term. Our LED’s emit beautiful warm  light that rivals any incandescent or halogen from the past. If you are still using old-school halogen bulbs, we can upgrade your existing system to LED’s with a complete retrofit that still uses your original housings if applicable — You wouldn’t believe the difference!

Cotswold outdoor lighting

We are also happy to upgrade your current timer, transformer, fixtures and wiring if needed—or we can give you and entirely new system. If you want to add more lights in areas that seem a tad dark, we can certainly amp up what you have now and simply add on. There is no one-size-fits-all installation when it comes to outdoor landscape lighting as each home and family need is unique. Our lighting designers listen to how your family lives and we figure out what out what your lifestyle requirements are in terms of outdoor illumination.

Festival lighting in outdoor living space

With the holidays here you might want to try something fun like adding permanent festive cafe-inspired outdoor lighting above your patio or other outdoor living space! Festival lighting is all the rage for homeowners wanting to add ambiance in their outdoor settings. This style of lighting is one of the most unique and versatile lighting trends customers are requesting. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte embraces emerging outdoor lighting ideas and new ways to introduce not only illumination into an area, but also as a way to convey a feeling of a mood within a space.

Charlotte outdoor kitchen task lightingIf you enjoy grilling late in the evenings year round, we can give you task lighting right at the barbecue where you need it most. Should you enjoy evenings with a hot chocolate and marshmallows at the outdoor fireplace on a cool evening, We will make sure that a warm glow is cast around this area as well. If you want to be sitting in your home and see your entire backyard come alive from your big picture window, we will make it happen. There is no project to complex or too small or large that we won’t aim to please and give our customers what they want. At minimum, we are going to make sure Santa knows exactly where to land at your house!

Ken Brantly, Owner Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte

Ken Brantly, Owner Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte.

Give us a call to bring your Charlotte home and landscape into the best light. We still have some appointments remaining. Contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte to have your outdoor lighting holiday ready before guests arrive! You can reach us at (704) 849-8808 or via email at


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