LED Conversion is a Snap When Your Outdoor Lighting has been Maintained Properly

landscape lighting in CharlotteAt Outdoor Lighting Perspective of Charlotte, we can’t emphasize enough the importance of continuing maintenance of your outdoor lighting system. Like any other hardworking electronic device in your home such as your HVAC unit, your appliances, garage door and other important components that need to function daily—regular annual maintenance is key to their longevity and extended use. You can get many years of good use out of household systems that are properly cared for instead of being neglected and therefore shortening their life expectancy. It’s way cheaper to do proper maintenance instead of having to replace a whole new unit.

Outdoor lighting maintenanceWe recently completed an extensive LED conversion on a large system that included 83 fixtures that we installed about 6 years ago here in the Charlotte area. Of course, LED’s were not the norm at that time, so halogens were used as was customary then. Well fast-forward to updated technology that now features low-consumption LED bulbs that are easy on the wallet, good for the environment and produce a lot more light with minimal wattage. Best of all, the bulbs last over 50,000+ hours so bulb change-outs are minimized dramatically, which also cuts costs. This conversion to LED’s was a pretty simple for us because the homeowner had kept everything in tip-top shape through the years with the vigilance of our Annual Maintenance & Repair Plan. The homeowner saved a heap of money because we were able to use the existing lighting fixtures without the need for a whole newly purchased system which would have cost a bundle. In this case, that expense was unnecessary since Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte’s fixtures are specially designed to be upgraded and retrofitted years later. You sure can’t do that with many of our competitor’s fixtures or those cheaply made overseas ones you get at the big box stores!

Outdoor lighting maintenace is importantIt doesn’t matter if you want to add additional zones later on, increase the size of your existing system or even change the size of the beam of light, etc. You’ve got plenty of flexibility with every fixture Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte sells because they are specially made for us to our specifications. We know exactly how they are constructed, so we can easily adapt them to future needs and changes which save you a lot of dough later. There is no need to scrap a system that is in good working order made with quality American materials of all metal construction. If your system has been well maintained and is in good condition, we can adjust it to fit your current lifestyle needs at any time of ownership.

Every new system we install includes a one year free Annual Maintenance and Repair Plan contract. After that, you can purchase an additional year for a reasonable fee. This includes most everything you will to keep your system in perfect working order:

A small amount of maintenance is all it takes to keep your outdoor lighting looking its best.

A small amount of maintenance is all it takes to keep your outdoor lighting looking its best.

-Replacement of your halogen or LED bulbs if they ever burn out (though we highly suggest switching to LED’s as they last 10x longer)

-Make sure knocked over fixtures are standing upright and straight

-Repair broken or frayed wires and burying wires that have surfaced above ground

-Inspect and clean your transformer

-Reset/inspect your timer

-Trim back foliage overgrowth that is covering the beam of light of your fixtures and prevents good illumination

Foliage growth may need to be trimmed to be sure your lighting is not obstructed.

Foliage growth may need to be trimmed to be sure your lighting is not obstructed.

-Make simple changes to enhance the effects of your lighting

-You get priority repairs on your system any time you call with no additional service charges for the visit.

It’s well worth having a maintenance plan for your peace of mind and for the longevity of your system. We will even offer the same plan on our competitor’s plans, too! So if they don’t offer you a protection plan, we will be happy to safeguard your investment and make sure it’s in great shape year after year.

Ken Brantly, Owner Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte

Ken Brantly, Owner Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte.

Give us a call now to convert your old outdoor lighting system to new LED technology or to discuss the annual maintenance and repair of your current system.  Contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte at (704) 849-8808 or via email at charlotte.outdoorlights.com.



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