Poolside Landscape Lighting Illuminates Evening Swims and Brings Romantic Mood

Create a one-of-a-kind party atmosphere with professional outdoor lighting.

Create a one-of-a-kind atmosphere with professional outdoor lighting.

We are lucky that living in the Carolinas affords us a long summer where enjoying our backyards and swimming pool can happen straight through the end of September and sometimes even beyond that. This week the temps are still hot, so a dip in the pool still offers plenty of relief. With the kids back in school, summer vacations over and normal work schedules back in gear, there is no better time to enjoy the pool than in the late evenings.

Highlight your pool's luxurious water features with outdoor lighting.

Highlight your pool’s luxurious water features with outdoor lighting.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte can help you achieve drama and excitement with our specialized pool lighting techniques. We can come in to after your pool has been built or to upgrade an existing one–and illuminate the deck and landscape around your pool set the stage for incredible mood or atmosphere in your backyard, We can add color and a unique energy to your swimming pool and surrounding garden that will help your family enjoy pool time well into the evening hours and simply give it an elegant flair even when you’re not in the water.

 pool and landscape lighting a beautiful collaboration

Clients often don’t think about lighting around a pool and simply live with the submersed lighting that is part of the structure. We love to work with pool architects, and the best time to contact us is when you are drawing up your pool design so we can work in tandem with their design team. But don’t fret if the pool is all done, as we can still add plenty of value after the fact, too. We can come in and light your pathway to your pool, the perimeter of the deck surround, the hardscape and the lush foliage that is around the water. We can cast soft light on waterfall cascades, trees, ponds and spas that give a truly surreal look to give this area a truly spectacular resort-like appeal. We can set any mood you’d like to capture, whether it is mysterious and romantic, a fun party vibe or something that comes right out of another world. We can capture the flavor of whatever you can dream up! Through our automated lighting controls, you can change the mood by simply pushing a button!

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives - Benham Pool Party

We can set downlighting high in the trees to shine down onto the pool so that it isn’t directed straight at your guests. We can set torch tiki type lighting around the pool deck that incorporates both LED and a real flame for island flair; and there is nothing more spectacular than spotlighting an incredible specimen tree in a gorgeous silhouette of light. When the kids go to sleep, Mom and Dad can enjoy a quiet evening swim in the pool where we can add dimmers and warm colorful lighting to keep things dreamy and romantic. We can add beautiful atmosphere and effects to highlight you pool deck or other key areas so simply sitting poolside with a glass of wine will put you and your honey in a relaxed mood after a long day.

Ken Brantly, Owner Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte

Ken Brantly, Owner Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte.

So, whether you’ve got an existing pool or a brand new one, we can add plenty of sparkle and shine to your watery oasis whether you are paddling in the water or just enjoying the view. Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte at 704-849-8808 or email us at charlotte.outdoorlights.com to discuss how we can help you beautify your pool, deck and backyard.


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