Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte and Attraction Lights are the artistic union of light and shadow, where form enhances function


Focal point statuary lighting at Charlotte home.

In a gallery setting, the lighting of artwork is crucial to supporting the meaning of the artwork.  Soft lighting illuminates the image or sculpture for subtle consideration, while strong lighting creates strong highlights and shadows to enhance the physical form of the object. In the outdoor lighting industry, your home and its surrounding property are the physical forms of the object for which the outdoor lighting design, a.k.a. artwork, of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte enhances…meaning essentially, our artwork enhances your most beloved work of art, your home and property, highlighting its meaning and value to you.

Considered artists of light and shadow, we create custom lighting designs (our artwork), that are a combination of soft ambient lighting and task lighting which heightens the textures, architectural elements and colors of your home; increases the functionality and safety of areas and structures on your property; and adds complexity and depth to your garden and landscape. We are currently creating just such artwork for a client in the Queen City with traditional Outdoor Lighting Perspectives fixtures and the addition of Attraction Lights’ artistic sculptural lighting in 4×4 bollard light fixtures.

Attraction Lights Cluster Spire Detail.

Attraction Lights Cluster Spire Detail.

Attraction Lights is Lyle Braud’s company which came about after he spent many years creating artistic garden lighting layouts and beautifully tailored landscape light designs for his landscape design build company. For more than 12 years now, he has focused his artistic energies on the sculptural designing of distinctive lighting fixtures which provide excellent LED lighting and can stand alone as incredible works of art. With geometric, abstract, or nature-like designs, their shadow pattern lighting adds drama and beauty to any area in which they are installed, while helping to direct the eye through the landscape.

Attraction Lights 4x4 Circle Cross Series.

Attraction Lights 4×4 Circle Cross Series.

Although the majority of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte’s lighting designs are created with the core idea of “focus on the effect, not the fixture”, some require a bit more. There is certainly a time and place where it is quite apropos to incorporate a lighting fixture which “has a strong, sculptural presence during the day, and are a beautiful, glowing presence at night,” as these marvelous illuminations are described by Randall Whitehead, nationally known lighting designer, author, and speaker. We absolutely agree and feel that these wonderful, artistic illuminated elements are as intriguing as they are captivating. They can be used as a stunning work of art in your landscape, or as a conversation starting centerpiece or focal point in your garden.

Pathway lighting with a twist.

Pathway lighting with a twist.

These pagoda-like pathway lights, driveway lights, bollards, area lights, or garden sculptures come in a variety of materials, sizes and pattern styles formed within the metal housing which cast a distinct light and shadow pattern on the surfaces surrounding the light fixture. The interplay between object and shadow is enchanting, almost supernatural. Unique features include a light source hidden inside the cap of the fixtures (this prevents the glare typically associated with a traditional pagoda light and many of the bollards available today), inserts made of art glass and acrylic as well as those made of traditional clear glass, signature design elements and the ability to integrate custom graphics and fixture design for a distinguished outdoor lighting design.

Ken Brantly, Owner Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte

Ken Brantly, Owner Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte.

Attraction Lights’ LED illuminated sculptural fixtures become focal points when used in conjunction with traditional Outdoor Lighting Perspectives fixtures and together they add distinctive new dimensions within your landscape and garden. This artistic lighting enlivens the senses and evokes ambiance.

If you are ready to experience the captivating allure that outdoor lighting can add to your home or business, contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte today to learn more about our one-of-a-kind outdoor lighting designs and these artistic assets. You can reach us at 704-849-8808 or email us at charlotte@outdoorlights.com.


Be sure to check back in to see the final reveal of our Charlotte project which incorporates Attraction Lights.