Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte answers your questions about LED upgrades and conversions

Charlotte outdoor lighting fixturesIf you are considering an LED upgrade for your outdoor lighting system. Or if you are considering converting your existing system to LED, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte is here to help you every step of the way. We are the area’s premiere choice for outdoor lighting design and installation. The truth is, upgrading or conversion is really much easier than you may think. In the hands our highly skilled technicians, you can be cutting energy costs in no time, and if you want to make additions to your system, we may even be able to add more fixtures to your current transformer than you thought. Since LEDs use less wattage, more lights can be added than if they were halogen.

  • Here are some of the most common questions we receive from homeowner’s wishing to upgrade or convert to LED:

#1)Charlotte LED Outdoor Lighting How much will moving ahead with LED cost?

Answer: If considering a conversion or upgrade to your current system, on average, it will cost 3-4 times what our Annual Maintenance Program costs. We only recommend investing in LED if you plan to reside in your home 5 years or more. Much of the cost of moving ahead with an upgrade or conversion will be recouped through the energy savings, bulb replacement and maintenance costs you will have saved during that time. Also keep in mind the “green” benefits of converting to LED. It is hard to put a price tag on the benefits of reducing your carbon footprint because these choices help the environment and all of us in the long run.

#2) Do I have to change my fixtures out?

Charlotte landscape lightingAnswer: Not necessarily. Most traditional outdoor lighting systems such as halogen and incandescent can easily be converted to LED. To determine if your system qualifies, one of our outdoor lighting professionals needs to inspect it and if it is deemed fit to undergo the conversion, you can start enjoying the many benefits of LED outdoor lighting. We can usually retro-fit about 95% of our lighting and we can retro-fit our competitors lighting in most cases following a thorough inspection.

#3) Will I need a new transformer or timer change?

Check for damages to wiring, fixtures and bulbs, and call an outdoor lighting expert to make repairs.Answer: No. When we come to retrofit a system, our trained installers will be sure to check the condition of not only your fixtures, but also your wire, transformer and timer, leaving you with what feels like a brand new system.

#4) How long does an LED bulb really last?

Answer: The life of an LED bulb can be between 30,000 and 50,000 hours saving you in light replacement and maintenance. This is 10-15 times longer than the average bulb life, of 4,000 hours with halogen.

#5) Realistically, how much money will I save in energy costs?

Answer: Your total savings is dependent on the size of the system and time it is running. On average, a system of 25 lights or more that runs from dusk-dawn each day could save you an estimated $15-$20 per month in energy savings. Over the course of 3 – 5 years, this amount represents a substantial savings.

Ken Brantly, Owner Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte

Ken Brantly, Owner Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte.

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