Are you coming home to a dark home every night?

charlotte-front-entry-lightingThe recent end of daylight savings time means evenings is now arriving earlier. For many Charlotteans that have no outdoor lighting, or those that are operating on aging, outdated or failing systems, this could mean you return home every night to a dark home. As the night’s darkness continues to sneak up at us, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte encourages you to turn your attention to your outdoor lighting system, (or lack thereof) and take notice if it is in need of any maintenance or service.

Charlotte LED Outdoor Lighting

We pride ourselves on not only designing and installing custom lighting systems, but also providing ongoing maintenance to keep that system performing at peak level. With the dark months upon us, and the arrival of the holiday season, now is the perfect time for a lighting system-tune up. Here are a few things we encourage homeowners with landscape and architectural lighting to look for:

Charlotte Garden LightingDimming or uneven illumination

It’s natural for light bulbs to dim over time, but your system overall should always have an even wash of light that effectively illuminates the property. If you’ve noticed it dimming, or uneven illumination there are bulbs out or the light is no longer cohesive across all sections and it may be time to have your bulbs updated.

Depending on the age of your outdoor lighting, you may have halogen lights that will dim more quickly. We now recommend converting your halogen system to LED for added energy-efficiency and performance. The typically LED light lasts up to 50,000 hours. An LED upgrade or conversion is much easier than you may think. In the hands our highly skilled technicians, you can be getting more longevity and cutting energy costs in no time, and if you want to make additions to your system, we may even be able to add more fixtures to your current transformer than you thought. Since LEDs use less wattage, more lights can be added than if they were halogen.Install lens covers to keep your outdoor lighting looking its best.

Lights and lens covers

The Queen City is revered for its abundance of beautiful trees, however this time of year means those trees are losing their leaves. We recommend any up lights have lens covers to keep those leaves away from the bulb for safety purposes.

Keep your outdoor lighting system's wiring behind the scenes.Wiring

We carefully bury all the lighting wiring when we install a new system, but with normal erosion, wiring can become exposed from time to time. This can also occur from normal day-to-day and seasonal activities, such as fall landscaping or raking/blowing fall leaves. If you walk your property and see any wire, make sure to call us to inspect your outdoor lighting system and rebury any wire that has become exposed. Every new system we install includes a one year free Annual Maintenance and Repair Plan contract. After that, you can purchase an additional year for a reasonable fee. This includes most everything you will to keep your system in perfect working order.

It’s well worth having a maintenance plan for your peace of mind and for the longevity of your system. We will even offer the same plan on our competitor’s plans, too! So if they don’t offer you a protection plan, we will be happy to safeguard your investment and make sure it’s in great shape year after year. If you are coming home to a dark house every night, now may also be the best time to consider the addition of outdoor lighting to your property.

Ken Brantly, Owner Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte

Ken Brantley, Owner Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte.

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Read what our many happy customers are saying about Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte!

Charlotte outdoor lighting reviewsIn today’s busy world, having a customer take the time out of their schedule to leave a review about their experience in working with us for their outdoor lighting needs speaks volumes and is greatly appreciated! When looking for the right outdoor lighting professional to design and install outdoor lighting at their home or business folks usually head to Google to start their research.

Charlotte outdoor lighting fixturesIt’s one thing to say “The Night Is Ours.” It’s far more convincing to hear what our customers are saying about us. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we’re proud of our success in achieving customer satisfaction and honored to be considered a Best in Class company in the outdoor lighting industry. We’d like to share a few of the many Google reviews we’ve received from our delighted customers. Keep in mind nothing would please us more than having you included in this very satisfied group!

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives - Brantley Front Entry

“We had a great experience with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives. The firm offered us great ideas and solutions and worked with us until we achieved the lighting effects we desired. Ken and his team would meet us on our schedule and often at night to get the best sense of what we wanted to install. Follow-up has been tremendous. Thank you!”

— E. Hobbs of Charlotte, NC, via Google Review

“We have used Outdoor Lighting Perspectives for many years. They are knowledgeable, reliable, and easy to work with.They also have good ideas on how to best highlight your yard features. I would highly recommend!”

— C. Howell of Charlotte, NC, via Google Review

Elizabeth Outdoor Lighting“Ken and team are great — extremely customer service-oriented, and fast, hassle-free service response time. Creative with their lighting expertise, always professional. A pleasure to work with, and a great value. Their installation of outdoor lighting has made a huge, positive impact for my property.”

— M. Stahley of Charlotte, NC, via Google Review

“I have had their outdoor lighting on my home for 13 years. I have the bulbs
replaced every few years and have not had any problems. I would recommend
them for any new lighting systems. Please consider them.”

— A. Litaker of Mint Hill, NC, via Google Review

Charlotte garden luminaries“My new Garden Luminaries are the hit of the neighborhood.I love them.”

— L. Spada of Charlotte, NC, via Google Review

“Ken and his team do an outstanding job. I have used them exclusively since 1997 and they have always delivered. I highly recommend Outdoor Lighting Perspectives to anyone who needs outdoor lighting and also appreciates quality products, service, and expertise!”

— T. Shannon of Charlotte, NC, via Google Review

“This is an excellent company to work with. Their installation was very neatly done and they have been very professional, even fixing a problem I caused. I would highly recommend using them for all outdoor lighting needs.”

— A. Glenney of Charlotte, NC, via Google Review

“They were installed perfectly for the effect we wanted and have been maintained meticulously after installation.”

— C. Harr of Charlotte, NC, via Google Review

Thank you from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of CharlotteWe want to sincerely thank all our amazing Charlotte outdoor lighting clients for the wonderful reviews — your correspondence, smiles and satisfaction are the reason we do what we do!

If you would like to tell us about your experience with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte too, we would love to hear from you! You can visit our Google page by following this link directly to our review forum. You can also visit our Google+ page, our Houzz profile and our Facebook page.

Ken Brantly, Owner Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte

Ken Brantly, Owner Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte.



Let Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte make DST easy and convenient!

OLP Daylight Savings TimeYou’ve heard the old saying “Spring Forward & Fall Back” since you were a kid to help your remember which way to turn the clock to compensate for Daylight Savings Time (DST).  Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte is here to remind you that November 1st is just a few days away and it is the day to push your clocks back one hour as our days get shorter.

The right timer will give you peace of mind by regulating your outdoor lighting system.

The right timer will give you peace of mind by regulating your outdoor lighting system.

Losing an hour creates a host of issues since the evening arrives sooner than just a few months ago. It affects a lot of things you might not be thinking of, such as when your landscape lighting turns on and off. What your timer was previously set to may no longer work for the members of your household, so it means dealing with the annoyance of re-programming your current timer. You’ve got to dig out the manual and figure out which way to turn all those troublesome dials, switches or buttons again! We can help you avoid the nightmare that the season time change wreaks on your landscape lighting by installing the best gizmo ever—and astronomical timer. No, it has nothing to do with astronomy and the moon and stars, silly! It’s an awesome and very simple device that AUTOMATICALLY adjusts to daylight savings time so you have to do nothing at all!

Charlotte landscape lighting Outdoor Lighting PerspectivesWe simply input your exact location into the timer and a sophisticated GPS is able to determine when daylight and nightfall happens in your area and when your system needs to turn on and off. It’s genius! Your kids will not arrive home to a dark home when they get home from school, and you will easily see the driveway and your front door when you come home from work. Everyone will feel safe thanks to good visibility and not coming home to a creepy dark home.  You don’t ever have to think about adjusting your outdoor lighting again thanks to this neat device.

Charlotte architectural lighting (1)Years ago, old-school landscape lighting timers had buttons or dials had to be moved every few months to account for how long or short the days were. If you’ve got one of these antiquated timers, then you will love the ease of an astronomical timer! There is no need to do a thing to account for seasonal  time changes, as this smart device handles everything for you. It doesn’t get any better than this for a fuss-free and painless way to keep your landscape lighting working right. A battery backup takes care of everything even if there is a power outage, too.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives - Brantley Front Entry

Astronomical timers know automatically how to best utilize existing daylight hours, so they save you money since you are not consuming power to light your property and home when it’s not required. They are environmentally green since they help save you money and keep power costs down. There’s a lot to be said for the convenience and cost savings that an astronomical timer provides. Let us install an astronomical timer on your outdoor lighting so you can take advantage of the benefits they provide.

Ken Brantly, Owner Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte

Ken Brantly, Owner Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte.

Let Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte make falling back and springing forward in honor of DST effortless! Contact us today to learn more at (704) 849-8808 or via email at